If your loved one was in a serious accident, you may need to act on their behalf. Some accidents are worse than others, but they do not get much worse than a traumatic brain injury (TBI). If your loved one has sustained a TBI, you should contact a personal injury attorney in Atlanta GA to get justice. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 2.8 million Americans suffer from traumatic brain injuries
You are a vigilant and conscientious driver. You do no take unnecessary risks, and you follow all traffic rules. Unfortunately, this is not always enough. Other drivers are not always as cautious. If you are injured in a car accident that owes to the negligence or recklessness of the other driver, then you should hold them accountable. Personal injury lawyers in Atlanta can help you claim the damages you deserve. The Best Response to a
Working in the construction business is a dangerous industry due to the numerous construction accidents each year. Some of these injuries are minor, while others are life-threatening. Taking the time to understand the impact of construction accidents can provide you with valuable information to help you receive the help that you need. Interested in learning more? Here are a few things to keep in mind with construction accidents. What Should You Do if You are
If you injured in an auto accident, you should not say anything more than is necessary. When law enforcement or EMS (if you are being transported to a medical facility) speak with you, you should give straightforward and simple answers. It is important that you have an attorney represent you as soon as possible after the accident. Let an auto accident attorney in Atlanta do the talking for you. They are trained and experienced. They
If you have been injured on the job or as a result of the carelessness of others, you may be able to file a claim for compensation. Two of the most commonly filed claims for such incidents are personal injury and workers’ compensation.   What is the Difference? While both situations may have resulted in being injured, there are two major differences between personal injury and workers’ compensation claims that should be considered prior to