HELP! I Have Been In A Car Accident, But It Wasn’t My Fault!

Car accidents are disorienting. The immediate aftermath can feel overwhelmingly complex when you find yourself in one that’s not your fault. It’s a maze of medical concerns, legalities, and insurance communications. At Morain & Buckelew, LLC, located in Atlanta, Georgia, we understand the whirlwind of emotions and tasks you’re suddenly facing. We’re here to guide you through this challenging time, ensuring you walk through it with others.

Immediate Steps to Take Following the Accident

The moments following a car accident are critical, not just for your health but also for any potential legal proceedings. Your actions can significantly influence the outcome of your case.

  • Assessing Your Health: First and foremost, check if you or any passengers are injured. Even if injuries seem minor or non-existent, seeking medical attention immediately is crucial. Some injuries may not be immediately apparent, and a doctor’s examination can uncover issues before they become serious.
  • Documenting the Scene: If you can do so safely, take photographs of the accident scene, including all vehicles involved, any visible injuries, and road conditions. These images can be invaluable evidence for your case.
  • Obtaining a Police Report: A police report is a foundational element of your claim. It provides an official account of the accident, including details about the parties involved and any citations issued. In Georgia, securing a copy of this report is a step we can assist with at Morain & Buckelew, LLC, ensuring you have the documentation necessary for your case.
  • Notification of Insurance Companies: Under Georgia law, informing your insurance company about the accident is mandatory. However, it’s equally important to notify the other driver’s insurance company. This step should be navigated with caution, as statements made to insurance adjusters can impact your claim. Having legal representation during these communications is beneficial to protect your interests.
  • Contacting a Lawyer: After attending to your immediate medical needs and initiating the process with insurance companies, the next pivotal step is to consult a lawyer. This is where our firm, Morain & Buckelew, LLC, assists you. Contacting us as soon as possible ensures that you have knowledgeable and compassionate legal guidance right from the start

Understanding Georgia’s At-Fault Insurance System

In Georgia, the at-fault insurance system is a critical component of handling car accident claims. This system stipulates that the driver found to be responsible for causing the accident is liable for compensating any damages incurred. This approach to car accident claims emphasizes the need for a clear and thorough establishment of fault to ensure that victims receive fair compensation for their injuries and losses. Here’s a more in-depth look into how this system works and how our firm, Morain & Buckelew, LLC, navigates it on behalf of our clients:

  • Establishing Fault in Georgia: Determining who is at fault in a car accident involves comprehensively evaluating the accident circumstances. This includes analyzing the police report, eyewitness statements, vehicle damages, and available traffic camera footage. Establishing fault accurately is essential, as it directly impacts the ability to recover damages.
  • Role of Evidence: Gathering and presenting evidence is crucial in proving fault in Georgia. 

The Importance of Legal Representation

The aftermath of a car accident, especially when it wasn’t your fault, requires a nuanced understanding of Georgia’s legal landscape. With Morain & Buckelew, LLC, you’re not just getting legal representation; you’re gaining advocates who:

  • Handle All Communications: We take over all discussions with insurance companies, ensuring your rights are upheld and your claims are accurately represented.
  • Assess Comprehensive Damages: To secure a fair settlement, we consider long-term impacts beyond immediate medical bills and vehicle repairs, including lost wages, future medical expenses, and emotional distress.
  • Advocate for Your Best Interests: Whether negotiating with insurance companies or representing you in court, our firm is committed to achieving your best possible outcome.

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Experiencing a car accident is challenging, more so when you’re navigating the aftermath of one that wasn’t your fault. At Morain & Buckelew, LLC, we’re dedicated to supporting you through this difficult time. From the initial steps post-accident to the final resolution of your case, we’re by your side, ensuring you receive the guidance, support, and compensation you deserve. Don’t walk this path alone; let us help you through it. Contact us today at (404) 448-3146 or online for a consultation and start your journey to recovery with a firm that cares.