Important Things to Know if Your Loved One is Suffering from a Brain Injury

traumatic-brain-injuryIf your loved one was in a serious accident, you may need to act on their behalf. Some accidents are worse than others, but they do not get much worse than a traumatic brain injury (TBI). If your loved one has sustained a TBI, you should contact a personal injury attorney in Atlanta GA to get justice.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 2.8 million Americans suffer from traumatic brain injuries each year. Many of these injuries lead to permanent or temporary impairment of brain function, which results in the debilitation of the victim. Slip and falls, car accidents, assault and battery, and medical malpractice are among the most common causes of TBI.

A brain injury can put your loved one on their back for some time. It can also cause the kind of permanent disability that may force them to give up their livelihood. This can put their family under tremendous strain, and it will be up to you to look out for them.

A concussion, which is the violent shaking of the brain, is the most common kind of brain injury. It can usually be recovered from within a couple of weeks. Skull fractures, hematomas, and contusions are the more serious types of traumatic brain injuries. They can lead to serious disability or even death.

If your loved one suffered a head injury in an accident, they should go to the hospital straightaway and see a physician. Brain injuries are not always detected immediately, even with the use of a CAT scan and MRI. Once they have been released from the hospital, you should encourage them to remain alert for symptoms that indicate TBI.

Atlanta personal injury attorneys have the experience and expertise to deal with cases involving traumatic brain injuries. If your loved one has been incapacitated by a TBI, you should contact personal injury lawyers in Atlanta on their behalf and review the options they have to pursue compensation.