Premises Liability

When someone is injured as a result of unsafe property or building conditions, he/she may have a right to make a claim for their damages against the owner of the property. Problems such as defective staircases, defective handrails, defective stairways, defective metal gratings, dangerous holes, broken steps, broken concrete, slippery floors and trip hazards pose serious risks to invited guests who have no knowledge of the defect.

Injuries from premises defects can also be devastating ranging from brain injuries, to broken bones, to internal injuries which require surgery. Quadriplegia and paraplegia can also be caused by back and neck injuries from premises defects.

Grant Morain is an expert at working with premises experts such as architects, engineers and safety personnel to determine if building code and safety violations were the cause of injuries. He also works with investigators to research the prior history of a building to determine if there is a pattern of negligence.

Yellow CAUTION tape barring exit through a door