Below are representative recoveries obtained. Each case is different, so the results below are not necessarily representative of the value of other cases:

$125,000 Arthroscopic shoulder surgery resulting from rear-end collision
$500,000 Rear-end collision resulting in sacroiliac injections
$125,000 Slip and fall at retail store resulting in soft-tissue injuries to multiple body parts
$200,000 Client was pushing a flatbed cart that was struck by a forklift; neck herniation and shoulder injury
$230,000 Rear-end collision resulting in neck injuries
$160,000; shoulder surgery resulting from defendant illegally merging and striking our client
$100,000 Rear-end collision at stoplight; doctor did not think the wreck caused the need for back surgery.
$100,000 Defendant ran a red light and our client sustained low back and neck soft tissue injuries.
$125,000 + $73,871 Husband and wife were rear-ended. She had hip injuries that necessitated injections, and he had low back and leg soft tissue injuries.
$1,000,000 Construction site injury where ladder dislodged and caused injury to legs.
$575,000 Defendant pulled out improperly, resulting in lumbar fusion.
$5,000,000 Rear-end collision resulting in serious ankle fracture, hip and back injuries.
$3,150,000 Head-on collision with serious injuries to young children.
$4,500,000 Passenger on bus who died due to bus driver’s inattention and colliding with cement median.
$150,000 (policy limits) Broken back, arm, and ribs due to defendant’s illegal left turn.
$100,000 Concussion due to falling merchandise in big box retailer
$100,000 Defendant injured bicyclist on college campus in pre-dawn collision, causing leg injuries.
$250,000 Fractured shoulder, concussion from intersection collision
$1,000,005 Fractured tibia, fibula from golf cart incident
$150,000 Fractured femur from pedestrians running into each other at church
$120,000 Rear-end collision resulting in soft tissue back injuries
$130,000 Dislocated shoulder after defendant ran red light
$320,000 Soft tissue back injuries to husband and wife from chain reaction collision.
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