Meet Our Staff

Chasity Huzzie


Chasity Huzzie graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. She enjoys working in the legal field and using her skills to help others. She is always prepared to assist clients with their questions and claims.  Chasity has plans to attend Law School in Fall of 2023.

Krissi Rankine


Krissi Rankine works with clients’ medical providers to secure records and maintain relationships. Hailing from Connecticut, Krissi traveled to Florida where she received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Her great customer service and organizational skills have helped her to excel in her career.

Carol Morain


Carol Morain is primarily responsible for maintaining communication with clients by providing updates and gathering information as needed. She also updates referral sources and trusted advisors and maintains the firm’s non-litigation calendar. She also happens to be the mother of the firm’s founder, so she has a unique ability — cultivated over many years — to secure his attention.

$125,000 Arthroscopic shoulder surgery resulting from rear-end collision
$500,000 Rear-end collision resulting in sacroiliac injections
$125,000 Slip and fall at retail store resulting in soft-tissue injuries to multiple body parts
$200,000 Client was pushing a flatbed cart that was struck by a forklift; neck herniation and shoulder injury
$230,000 Rear-end collision resulting in neck injuries
$160,000; shoulder surgery resulting from defendant illegally merging and striking our client
$100,000 Rear-end collision at stoplight; doctor did not think the wreck caused the need for back surgery.
$100,000 Defendant ran a red light and our client sustained low back and neck soft tissue injuries.
$125,000 + $73,871.00 Husband and wife were rear-ended. She had hip injuries that necessitated injections, and he had low back and leg soft tissue injuries.
1,000,000 Construction site injury where ladder dislodged and caused injury to legs.
$575,000 Defendant pulled out improperly, resulting in lumbar fusion.
$5,000,000 Rear-end collision resulting in serious ankle fracture, hip and back injuries.
$3,150,000 Head-on collision with serious injuries to young children.
$4,500,000 Passenger on bus who died due to bus driver’s inattention and colliding with cement median.
$150,000 (policy limits) Broken back, arm, and ribs due to defendant’s illegal left turn.
$100,000 Concussion due to falling merchandise in big box retailer
$100,000 Defendant injured bicyclist on college campus in pre-dawn collision, causing leg injuries.
$250,000 Fractured shoulder, concussion from intersection collision
$1,000,005 Fractured tibia, fibula from golf cart incident
$150,000 Fractured femur from pedestrians running into each other at church
$120,000 Rear-end collision resulting in soft tissue back injuries
$130,000 Dislocated shoulder after defendant ran red light
$320,000 Soft tissue back injuries to husband and wife from chain reaction collision.