Meet Our Staff


Carol Morain


Gifted with the ability to maintain an appreciation of the big picture as well as an awareness of the most intricate details, Client Ambassador Carol Morain enjoys keeping clients updated on the progress of their cases. She serves as the communications liaison for the firm, gathering critical information, updating referral sources, and connecting with trusted advisors as well as scheduling firm business and maintaining the non-litigation calendar. As a foundational part of the team, Carol coordinates multiple facets of operations and ensures that information is shared efficiently and effectively.


Valerie Bedoya


With strong organizational skills and a finely-honed appreciation for order, Assistant Valerie Bedoya truly enjoys the process of locating records and resources to assist clients in any way possible. In particular, she specializes in processing efficient requests for complex medical and police records. Her love of nature and creative pursuits enable Valerie to develop inventive solutions to overcome a variety of challenges.


Kynyatta Scholl


As a team member dedicated to making a positive impact on those around her, Legal Assistant Kynyatta Scholl excels at solving problems for clients and colleagues. Kynyatta holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Legal Support and Services and is also currently pursuing her Juris Doctor Degree which provides her with a uniquely thorough perspective on the best ways to meet the needs of clients. She is passionate about learning and community service, and approaches every task with creativity and energy founded on her commitment to excellence.

Daniel Castano

Daniel Castano


Daniel Castano serves as a Legal Assistant at Morain & Buckelew, where he streamlines the intake process for new client cases. Daniel excels at gathering essential information to ensure a smooth case initiation. His exceptional communication skills allow him to efficiently collect all necessary details. Daniel's meticulous attention to detail guarantees each case has a solid foundation and comprehensive documentation.